Clee Cons121145
Spiders Web121144
Carr Lane12841
Scartho B11427
Old Clee11521
Carr Lane B12217
Scartho A1209

November 27th

Carr Lane A1 - 4Spiders Web
Old Clee3 - 2Scartho B
Scartho A0 - 5Clee Cons
Westlands5 - 0Carr Lane B

Preliminary  -  Normal Singles

1.   A Groves   Old Clee   V   L Pawson   Clee Cons,

2.     B Rycroft   2 - 0   A Woodward

  • B Rycroft - Scartho B          v         Trevor Vinson - Spiders Web
  • C Griffiths - Scartho A       0 - 2     N Cook - Clee Cons
  • Winner of 1                        v         C Smith - Clee Cons
  • C Farrow - Clee Cons         v          J Outhouse  Scartho A
  • M Bartlett - Clee Cons       v         P Lucas - Scartho B
  • I Wikinson - Carr Lane A     v        C Ellis - Old Clee
  • D Aldin - Westlands           v        G Clark - Spiders Web
  • D fullager - Westlands       v        K Gordon - Carr Lane A

Three Arrow Singles

  • G Clark - Spiders Web          v      A Groves - Old Clee
  • S Girvan - Carr Lane A         v      N Cook - Clee Cons
  • L Pawson - Clee Cons          v     C Griffiths - Scartho B
  • A Woodward - Clee Cons     v     C Nuttall - Old Clee
  • D Fullager - Westlands       v     M Bartlett - Clee Cons 
  • I Wilkinson - Carr Lane A    v     P Lucas - Scartho B
  • B. Rycroft - Scartho B          v     C Farrow - Clee Cons
  • J Outhouse - Scartho A       v     T Vinson  - Spiders Web

 More draws to follow this week, all games are best of 3 legs, there is plenty of time, but  please have all cup games played by end of January.  Results will appear on here as soon as I get them

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