2020 Darts in Lincolnshire Summer League

Sponsored by Marty's Name Cards

  1.   Wellington Arms
  2.   Market Tavern
  3.   Grimsby Cricket Club
  4.   Spiders Web
  5.   Sunnyside
  6.   Jack O Clubs
  7.   Birds Eye
  8.   New Imperial A
  9.   New Imperial B
  10.   Jubilee
  11.   Hainton Club
  12.   Wine Pipe

Due to the minimum amount of weeks available, it is limited to 12 teams.  Should more than 12 wish to enter, a decison will have to be made on how to run the league this year, new teams will NOT be turned away.

  • £10 Entry fee.  Score cards will be provided.
  • This is a mixed league, Ladies are allowed to play.  ALL teams to sign enough players to cover absences like holidays or work commitments
  • Win or lose, ALL Teams to text in their results, NO text NO Points
  • Any early season to be rearranged games are to be played before the half point of the season, no rearranged games effecting the top of the table to be played in September.   Failure to agree a date after 3 attempts will result in a decision being made by Martin
  • A player can only play for one team., any found playing for more than one team, the second team will lose any points from that game.  ( I was made aware it happened last season)

Any further notices that arise for this years league will appear here.